Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Am Amsterdam

Chris headed to Amsterdam for a long weekend while I was back in the States for a few days. Here's his weekend in photos.

Yes, that is a vending machine with lots of food. Good drunk food I guess.

I feel like every visitor needs at least 1 photo here - I amsterdam 

Be sure to rent a bike or take a bike tour while in Amsterdam. Best way around the city and it is fun!

Enjoy strolls along the canals. 

Or go for a boat ride. 

Chris thought about getting this for me - until he remembered we are only rich in love & happiness. (Yes, I am lame and say things like that.)

China Town 

Yup, that might have happened. I mean it is Amsterdam.

Travelers Tips: There is so much more to Amsterdam than the coffee shops - be sure to check out all it has to off - but it is a nice perk :) Hotels can fill up quickly - so if possible look to book your hotel early if you are on a budget. If you don't have a budget - no worries, lots of expensive hotels waiting for you. We had to search high and low for an available room under $500 which is about $400 more than we wanted to spend per night. Fortunately, we found the Best Western which was a great location and great price.

Don't forget to check out the many awesome museums here too. Especially if the the weather is less than perfect. It might just be the way to spend a nice afternoon. 

Our Two Cents:
 Amsterdam: BEST WESTERN Leidse Square Hotel: Good Bang For Your Buck

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